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Global Recruitment of UTHEVER™ NMN Experiencers is in progress!

The only NMN raw material manufacturer
in the world to conduct clinical trials

Uthever™ NMN from Effepharm has the highest purity in the market. Its purity is above 99%. The quality of Uthever™ NMN was confirmed by an international third party — Intertek. Now, Uthever™ is popular among our buyers around the world.

With a focus on safety and cost, we make Uthever™as synthetic NMN powder with fewer impurities and higher production capacity. Uthever™is far less hygroscopic and temperature-sensitive, which allows it to be stored at ambient room temperature.

To improve its bioavailability, we’ve employed modern pharmaceutical technology to develop controlled-release and sustained-release versions of NMN as well.

Uthever™ is a golden brand in the NMN market. More innovative forms will be developed very soon, so please contact us for more information.