The biography of Uthever®

NMN has long been known for its role as a precursor of NAD+. NMN became a hot topic after it was associated with longevity.
In 2014, Effepharm started to research and develop NMN.
In 2015, thanks for its all-star R&D team and strong R&D capacity, Effepharm successfully developed the Enzymatic method and the product capacity reached kilograms.
In 2016, Effepharm succeeded to produce NMN bulk material.
In 2017, Effepharm improved the process and increased production to about 200 kg per month.
By the end of 2018, as the demand for NMN products increased, the annual output of Effepharm had reached tons.
In 2019, Effepharm continues to improve the process and can achieve a monthly output of 2 tons and will achieve 5 -10 tons in the very near future. With a focus on safety and cost, Effepharm has decided to develop synthetic NMN powder with fewer impurities and higher production capacity.

Advantages of Uthever® NMN ingredient

Safety and efficacy tests

To top it off, at Effepharm, animal tests and clinical trials on Uthever® are being conducted. We’ve launched a project encouraging R&D institutes and nutritionists to get free Uthever® samples as well as funding from Effepharm — we’re that confident in our safety and efficacy.

USP Standard Confirmed by Intertek

Effepharm strictly follows USP and FDA Guideline to ensure 100% quality proven experienced production. EffePharm supplies authentic Uthever® with a purity that was confirmed by an international third party — Intertek.

Above 99% Pure NMN

Uthever® from Effepharm has the highest purity in the market – fewer impurities especially endotoxins. Uthever® is popular among our buyers in the United States and Europe.

Less Temperature Sensitivity, Higher Bioavailability, and Sustained Release

With Effepharm’s NMN, we’ve made it far less hygroscopic and temperature sensitive, which allows it to be stored at ambient room temperature. To improve its bioavailability, we’ve employed modern pharmaceutical technology to develop controlled-release and sustained-released versions of NMN as well. More innovative forms will be developed very soon, so please contact us for more information.

Uthever® NMN: The True Purity in a Sea of Fake NMN

EffePharm brings supplement formulators and research scientists a lab-tested NMN that can be relied upon for these critically important supplement applications. In a market that’s inundated with fake and adulterated NMN ingredients (some with less than 80% purity, others that are completely fraudulent and 0% pure), it’s time to get a time-tested and trusted brand that’s brought you many great ingredients in the past.