Living up to expectations, the second-generation of Uthever® NMN article finally come to public!

While NMN is becoming more and more popular in the anti-aging market, with the rampant of fakes, it is increasingly difficult for customers to distinguish between genuine and fake, which undoubtedly increases the customer’s risk. Any risks on taking NMN?

  1. Unstable structure.
  2. Inundated Adulterated NMN ingredients.
  3. Lack of safety and efficient data.

It’s high time to change the embarrassing situation and give consumers more confidence currently. In response to these three problems, Effepharm has developed a more stable and higher-purity second-generation Uthever® NMN.

I. Improved Stability

Regarding the first risk-unstable structure, Effepharm has done a series of tests and analyses for Uthever® NMN. By analyzing the NMN structure and using charge transfer and in-situ FTIR monitoring method, it was discovered that NMN has one inner salt structure and the isoelectric point of inner salt is the key factor of NMN instability.

To improve the stability of NMN internally, researchers creatively developed a new NMN with an orderly and compact microscopic arrangement(length: 3㎛-10㎛), and exclusively launched a new generation of high-density NMN. Compared with the sawtooth structure of first-generation NMN product (length: 9㎛-25㎛), the second generation NMN has two incomparable advantages:

  1. Stronger stability, longer shelf life.
  2. Higher density, more stable dosage, and flexible formulation.
  3. Well-controlled pH, water content.

II. Guaranteed Authentic and Pure

NMR and LC-MS testing reports can further confirm the authenticity, high quality, and purity of NMN.

III. Safe and Efficient

Effepharm has launched a multicenter, randomized, double-blind, parallel design, placebo-controlled study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of NMN. It is the largest and most comprehensive human clinical trial on NMN to date.

The first part of animal acute toxicity testing has been finished and the test result shows that our Uthever NMN has no acute toxicity. Furthermore, research on a novel function of NMN as a skin protectant against UV radiation has been finished and the SCI paper and patent will be published soon.

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We’re always trying to optimize Uthever® NMN and bring the superior ingredient to our clients!