–Work jointly to protect access to NMN dietary supplements—




SHANGHAI, China, May 02, 2023 –  As part of the growth and outreach to handle the large-scale demand of finished NMN product manufacturers in the U.S., including the lead on NMN legalization, EffePharm announced today that it had joined the Natural Products Association (NPA), USA.



The NPA is the oldest and largest association dedicated to the dietary supplements industry. As the industry watchdog on regulatory and legislative issues, NPA is recognized for its strong lobbying presence in Washington, D.C.


In November 2022, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a notice declaring that beta-nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) could not be marketed as a dietary supplement in the U.S. In response, in March 2023, the Natural Products Association (NPA), along with the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH), filed a citizen petition with the FDA. The petition requests the FDA withdraw its decision to exclude NMN from being classified as a supplement and to use “enforcement discretion in connection with the marketing and selling of NMN in or as a dietary supplement.”


The EffePharm membership reflects the supplements industry’s willingness to reverse FDA’s decision on NMN. The new partnership will facilitate NPA’s continuing work to foster relevant collaboration among the supplements industry stakeholders while driving the development of dietary supplements in the United States. With NPA’s ability to work directly with regulators in Washington, EffePharm hopes to recover NMN’s classification as a dietary ingredient in the next two years.


“We are pleased to have members like EffePharm who are passionate about the industry and support our vision and values,” an NPA spokesperson said. “ We have the ability to develop smart, fact-based regulations ensuring Americans’ rights to support their health and lifestyles. The joining of EffePharm will further strengthen our confidence in bringing NMN back to the dietary supplement market.”


About EffePharm

Founded in 2017, EffePharm is a biotechnology company specializing in providing advanced wellness solutions to its global users. EffePharm is founded on the belief that everyone should have equal access to health and nutrition. EffePharm advocates for innovative bioscience applications, increased accessibility of nutrition, and improved quality of life. EffePharm owns brands like UTHEVER®, the world’s first NMN ingredient brand to conduct clinical trials and commit to delivering efficacy-verified products to the market. EffePharm has established a portfolio of over 600 business partners worldwide, benefiting millions of consumers to thrive throughout their health and nutrition journeys.