Effepharm’s R&D Director got an outstanding achievement award for scientific research

Time: 2019-11

Dr. Jianjun Yu, Effepharm’s R&D Director, got an outstanding achievement award for scientific research of the ministry of education in October 2019. The winning project was “Rare earth micellar catalysis technology of green fine organic synthesis”.

Through many years’ efforts, the group developed a series of rare earth micellar catalysts and catalysis technology. Dr. Jianjun Yu applies it to the green synthesis process of conventional medicine, food supplements, and high-end health care molecules. These catalysts and the catalysis technology can effectively reduce or avoid the use of noxious reagents or solvents to ensure the safety and stability of chemically synthesized products. With this catalysis technology, the purity of Uthever’s patented NMN powder can be up to 99.9%, guaranteeing no hazardous chemical impurities are left.

Catalysts including enzymes are important in chemical and biological reactions. Usually, catalysts can speed the reactions with lower energy and temperature.

With Dr. Yu’s rich experience, Effepharm is developing a more and more efficient and eco-friendly process. Incorporating these high techs into our manufacturing, Effepharm is supplying dietary ingredients including NMN-Uthever, to the world at very competitive prices.