Uthever® NR

The Socially Responsible NR

Uthever® NR,
The Socially Responsible NR

Are You Aware the NR You Are Taking Could Have Been More Eco-Friendly?

β-NR is the safe form of NR which can be effectively absorbed by the human body. But do you know that in order to produce β-NR, α-NR is an inevitable bi-product based on the mainstream production methods used by brands around the world.

α-NR vs. β-NR

To date, α-NR is unproven of its toxicity and efficacy for human use. To get 60g of β-NR, usually 40g α-NR is produced as a bi-product to be thrown away (That’s close to A HALF of what’s been produced!) , and to contaminate the β-NR product generated , as current production technologies do not allow for 100% separation of the two – which may lead to low efficacy of the final consumer products or even toxicity building up in end users.

Your consumers don’t need a product which isdetrimental to their health in the long run. And yours brand deserves a better partner which is able to help elevate hopes for your bussiness future, rather than causing troubles.

Mainstream NR production
Uthever® NR

By Going Green, Uthever®’s 100% β-NR Is Just Safer, & More Efficient.

Uthever® NR is a proprietary 99% pure β-Nicotinamide Riboside (NR), pure energy for cell generation and repair. Uthever® is leading technology innovations by introducing a green method of NR production, which features zero bi-products and 100% conversion into β-NR – the only efficacious form of nicotinamide Riboside (NR) for human use from natural compounds, which is a far more effecient way of resources utilization and cutting down carbon footprint. What’s more, it can be depended upon to deliver POSITIVE results.

The First NR Produced with Zero Waste and zero Emission

Uthever® NR is the first ultra pure, socially responsible β-nicotinamide riboside (β- NR), a biosynthetic precursor to an essential coenzyme omnipresent in all body tissues for metabolism – nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), a proven factor contributing to promoted health and extended lifespan in humans.

Supplementation of β-NR has been proven by numerous science studies to help improve mitochondria health and increase the level of a crucial anti-aging related coenzyme, which helps regulate energy metabolism, DNA damage repair, gene expression, and stress response – all hallmarks of aging, and which also helps with weight management, promoting cardiovascular health and fighting neurological disorders as we age.

We Maximize Outcome By Optimizing Resources Use

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Reagents Recyclable

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Pure Cell Energy With No Toll on the Environment

Uthever® NR

Zero Waste

100% - β-NR

Other Brands

40% α-NR (Waste)

60% - β-NR

Consumer Confidence Assured

Pure White

Majority of NR in the market are beige and off-white in color.


Purity retains at 99.2% in the first month vs. 94.5% - 95.3% in mainstream market.

Zero Solvent Residue

0 solvent residue and controlled level of microbes far below industry standard.

99.0% Purity

Uthever® NR

Other NR Brands

Custom Dosage Forms: Anti-Aging and Targeted Health in One







Sport Performance


Reinforced Anti-Aging

Targeting Aging Through Multiple Pathways

How It Works

The downregulation of enzyme CD38 upregulates NAD+ levels and boasts autophagy process which helps with cellular repair and senescence cell clearance, the activities of the which are indicators of aging.

The supplementation of apigenin and spermidine adds up to maximize antiaging benefits and help prolong health span.

Beauty + Anti-Aging

Glowing from the inside out

Engery + Anti-Aging

More for the Champions

Sports Performance + Anti-Aging

Peek Performance for Life