How much do you know about the NMN material grades?

Do you still worry about the NMN you bought if it is pharmaceutical or food-grade? Do you know how to distinguish the NMN grades?

NMN as a star dietary supplement raw material has attracted a large number of brands and consumers. With so many dazzling NMN raw materials, the various so-called grades are also confusing. So, how to buy high-quality NMN raw materials you want?

According to the use of raw materials, the grade of raw materials can be divided into chemical grade, food grade, pharmaceutical grade, cosmetic grade and so on.

NMN grades

From the chart above, we can see that the classification of the raw material grades is based on the use(purposes), not based on the production process. So how do we know what grade of NMN is purchased? Although there is no way to distinguish from the process, we can distinguish from the testing standards.

NMN grades tests

It should be noted that all the NMN grades including the so-called pharmaceutical-grade have different processing standards for their raw materials depending on its final purposes. For example, injections require the use of sterile raw materials, and the standards are very high; for external purposes, the requirements are usually lower.

Health food (called dietary supplement in the United States and food supplement in Europe), as a special type of food, has high requirements for safety and efficacy. Uthever® uses food-grade NR as the raw material and continuously optimizes the production process to obtain high-quality NMN raw materials. In addition to adopting precise detection methods to ensure high purity, high content, and low impurities, clinical trials are exclusively conducted to verify safety and efficacy.

Effepharm’s strong research and development capabilities ensure that Uthever® provides you with food-grade safety and pharmaceutical-grade efficacy.