How to judge the authenticity of NMN? 99% or Zero?

Time: 2019-12

How to judge the authenticity of NMN? 99% or Zero?

With the increasing demand of NMN in the anti-aging market, NMN brands emerge one by one. However, the quality of NMN is very difficult to tell, so many fake or inferior material constantly appeared in the market. All of the suppliers claimed that they supplied high-quality material, did they? Many new NMN brands are just aware of this product, so they generally cannot tell the quality of NMN professionally. So, how to buy high-quality NMN powder?

Effepharm team, as the world’s only manufacturer of raw materials for clinical trials of NMN, gives the following 7 points of science and suggestions combining with the feedbacks of many customers towards the questions of NMN powder quality testing.

  1. Structural Identification: Effepharm Ltd adopted three methods: H-NMR, C-NMR, LC-MS to double-check the structure of NMN, which can 100% guarantee NMN’s identity.
  2. Purity(HPLC): Detection of NMN powder’s purity and related impurity conditions.
  3. Assay: The assay will stress on the data of organic and inorganic impurities detection. If the product contains a large number of inorganic impurities, moisture, organic solvents, the purity can reach 99%, but the content is probably only between 10%-95% as HPLC cannot detect those inorganic impurities. There is a large number of low-priced inferior NMN powder on the market as many suppliers will mix real NMN purchased from Effepharm with some inorganic substances such as NaCl, starch and so on. If customers only test purity out of more than 99%, but the actual content of real NMN may be less than 10%. Effepharm Ltd can well control the purity of more than 99% in each batch of NMN under strict quality standards. Besides, Effepharm Ltd also used the external standard method, Sigma and other high-quality NMN raw materials to compare the content, and the data shows that the content of Uthever® NMN from Effepharm is higher than the standard.
  4. Moisture: The R&D team of Effepharm found that the stability of the product is greatly related to moisture through a large number of NMN raw materials. Excessive moisture will lead to a decrease in the shelf life of NMN powder, and many impurities due to the degradation. After lots of researches, so we develop the gold standard: no more than 1%.
  5. Heavy metals: Many people will pay more attention to the number of heavy metals as it will be dangerous if heavy metals accumulate in the body. Many suppliers’ material was tested with many heavy metals that seriously exceed the standard, but the certificate of analysis does not show this content. This is a kind of irresponsible behavior and unprofessional. But Uthever® is produced under the guidance of former USP experts combining with USP, ICH guidelines, and the provisions of Act 65 of the United States of California.
  6. Microorganisms: A large number of NMN powder is not tested based on bacterial microorganisms but they contain a large amount of endotoxin. Uthever® ’s total plate count and 8 different strains will be tested to ensure the quality of the product.
  7. Factors that customers reflect product instability: As for the sublingual powder, Effepharm Ltd provides low-density NMN with a density of no more than 0.2 g/cm3. But as for tablets, capsules,low-density NMN is easy to fly and to adhere to the machine during the production, which will result in a loss rate of 5-8% so that to influence the end products’ effective content instability.Some companies use granulation to solve this problem, but the granulation process is bound to introduce new impurities. Meanwhile, the granulation process will also reduce the purity of NMN itself. To better address customer’s problems, Effepharm R&D team exclusively released the high-density NMN with no less than 0.3g/cm3 after continuous trial and research. All of the problems will be solved and the loss rate is reduced to 2-3% so that the cost of production will be lower, which has been favored and recognized by many customers.

The quality specifications of NMN can be various. So only when we understand the significance behind these certificates of analysis can we truly identify high-quality products. Please check out a high-quality and stable branded ingredient – Uthever®.