NMN Helps to Restore Fertility in Aged Mice

As we know, NMN can be converted to NAD+, which is beneficial to human body. Now, a new mouse study showed that NMN can rejuvenate oocytes (egg cells), restoring fertility.

A woman’s fertility begins to decline when she is near 30. This age-related decline is mostly associated with low oocyte quality. Oocytes could be regarded as one kind of the oldest cells in the human body, only produced during the fetal stage, can not be constantly replaced by new ones. So, some anti-aging solutions which work for somatic cells should also be expected to have effect on oocytes.

NMN can improve it

According to the study, the decline of oocytes quality with age may correlate with the low level of NAD+, and NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) can restore it.

The scientists successfully gauged NAD+ levels in individual oocytes and the result showed that they were really much lower than in other tissues, because of their age. They also found that oocytes in elder mice often have severe deficiencies in chromosome segregation and spindle assembly. By using NMN, the scientists had managed to solve the problems to a degree that could be described as “rescuing” mouse fertility. Evident improvements were observed in ovulation rate and in birth rates as well. Some researchers had also been able to extend the age-defying benefits of NMN to the embryos derived from oocytes of elder animals.

Dont try this at home

Now, there are so many NMN raw material manufacturers and product brands. Although self-treatment is becoming more and more popular, we should suggest you trying it carefully. If you are thinking about experimenting with NMN yourself, the scientists have some useful advice for you:

One key factor of the study should be taken into consideration is that a lower dose of NMN treatment resulted in improved functional fertility. This suggests that there is an optimum range for dosing of NMN. This is an important aspect to the experiment. In addition, we strongly suggest that these supplements should not be taken by women who are wishing to become pregnant until further studies have been completed.


We do know that improve women’s fertility is a great goal to human being. Today, we are working hard on the road. Some limited success has been achieved, like assisted reproduction technologies (ARTs), which is expensive, invasive, and also, risky. But, we can hope in the near future, a potential treatment with NMN may provide a simple and matured way of improving and restoring fertility for women.


If you need to buy NMN product online, you should notice ingredients that shows NMN raw material manufacturers. Make sure you have bought right products from a professional NMN supplement manufacturer.


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