NMN Is Good For Cognitive Function

Some researchers have tested NMN on elder mice to judge whether it can ameliorate cognitive function by improving blood flow in the brain or not.

The brain costs much oxygen and energy

Good brain function depends on sufficient cerebral blood flow (CBF) to clean harmful waste products and make the brain have enough supply of oxygen and nutrients.

The brain costs much oxygen and energy, almost around 20% of the resting, which is unbelievable because it just accounts for about 2% of human weight. The cost of oxygen and energy also increases when neuronal activities are on the high level, which means the brain needs to adjust the incoming oxygen and glucose levels via CBF quickly.

However, responding to different levels of demand of the brain relies on a mechanism called neurovascular coupling (NVC). We can simply regard NVC as the relationship between local neural activities and the subsequent changes in cerebral blood flow (CBF).

NMN helps to restore neurovascular coupling

NAD+ plays an important part in mitochondrial function in all of our cells, which can also restore neurovascular coupling. When we get older, the levels of NAD+ begin to fall, and then make the cellular function decline and bring poorer DNA repair. But NMN may be a good treatment.

There are good evidences that show NMN is able to reverse several aspects of aging in some organs, including the eyes, skeletal muscle, and arteries. NMN could reverse age-related mitochondrial dysfunction. That means NMN may ameliorate mitochondrial function, improve NVC response and keep the brain in good condition.

The mice were given NMN injections for a two-week testing period. During the period of treatment, the mice had to accept cognitive and motor coordination tests, which are both linked to the NVC responses in the brain. The researchers found that NMN treatment was able to ameliorate the NVC response of aged mice, and the increased level of CBF could improve cognitive and walking ability in them. The researchers have a conclusion that the age-related fall of NAD+ levels facilitates dysfunction of the brain, leading to cognitive ability decline.


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