NMN Makes Brain Stay in Good Function

Several researchers have proven that the intake of NMN could restore neurovascular coupling (NVC) in aged mice. Because NVC deficiency seems to be a major and important factor in the functional decline of the human brain, the discovery may bring more exciting new possibilities for further research.

NVC mostly depends on vasodilation. The cellular mechanism behind it involves the production of nitric oxide (NO) by the endothelial cells which line blood vessels in the brain. However this is just the first step in such a complex process leading to cerebral vasodilation, and making the brain work in good condition.

There are some evidences show that NVC function gets worse with age. That decline is the main factor in the development of cognitive problems and dementia in old people. Also, several other behavior problems are affected as well.

NMN may become a rescue

Now, NMN supplement is getting more and more popular, which is mostly made from NMN bulk powder. As a professional NMN bulk powder manufacturer, we pay attention to relevant researches about NMN, especially about its effect.

As we know, NAD+ is important for a lot of cellular processes, however, it is best known for its effect in the electron transport chain, the important intracellular energy-producing process which takes place in mitochondria. Low NAD+ levels may impair mitochondrial function. While some researchers find that boosting NAD+ by NMN intake could improve the function in multiple organs and ameliorate healthspan in mice.

NMN improve several functions including cognitive and motor skills

During the experiment, elder mice were treated with NMN for two weeks and then evaluated for cognitive and motor functions that are known to be affected by NVC response.

CBF responses firstly following whisker stimulation that is considered to bring a series of brain activities in mice. The experiment showed that initial CBF responses were much fainter in elder mice, suggesting NVC deficiency may be related to age. It appears that obviously, NMN treatment increased CBF responses level in aged mice as high as measured in young mice. MRI analysis also showed the same result.

In order to make sure the effects were mostly due to increased NO production, researchers added the NO synthase inhibitor L-NAME to the three groups of mice (young, untreated aged, and treated aged). They find that NVC responses level much decreased in young mice but not in the other groups, indicating that untreated aged, and treated aged groups produced much less NO. Elder mice treated with nicotinamide mononucleotide demonstrated restored L-NAME response.

A number of cognitive and motor skills tests showed great improvements by NMN treatment, such as the water maze test, which depending on working ability including immediate conscious perception and requiring surges of CBF.


NMN has been accepted by more and more people for its promising results in many aspects of longevity research. The current study is the first to prove that NMN can be used to restore NVC and to ameliorate cognitive and motor problems that are associated with its age-related decline.


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