NMN Safety: Recent Third-Party Tested Clinical Evidence

Time: 2024-02


Recent Clinical Evidence on NMN Safety

Recently, esteemed researchers from Keio University, led by Prof. Hiroshi Itoh of the Department of Internal Medicine (Endocrinology, Metabolism, and Nephrology) and with Prof. Shin-ichiro Imai of Washington University unveiled their latest study in the Endocrine Journal, focusing on NMN safety. New research findings have shed light on the connection between declining levels of cellular nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) and age-associated functional decline and disease conditions.

In 2016, the team embarked on a clinical trial exploring the safety of administering NMN to ten healthy men. These findings imply that NMN, when taken orally, is efficiently metabolised within the human body and can be used safely in single doses up to 500mg. While previous investigations focused on methods to increase tissue NAD+ to counter age-related illnesses, NMN has emerged as a prominent contender for activating Sirtuin-1 (SIRT1) enzymes that crucially regulate mammalian ageing and longevity. This pioneering clinical study establishes, for the first time, the secure administration of NMN to humans, heralding forthcoming advancements in researching NMN’s potential applications in preventing and

An Investigation into the Safety of Single-Dose NMN

The objective of the research was to evaluate the safety of single-dose NMN administration. For this purpose, doses of 100, 250, and 500 mg of NMN were administered to a select group of 10 Japanese men. Clinical findings, parameters, and the pharmacokinetics of NMN metabolites were closely examined for 5 hours after each dose was administered.


Significant Findings: Understanding the Implications of NMN Safety

One of the pivotal findings of the study was that single oral administration of NMN is safely and effectively metabolised in healthy men without leading to any significant harmful effects, such as triggering significant clinical symptoms or causing any significant changes in heart rate or blood pressure, and blood and urine tests. These results suggest the potential feasibility of oral NMN administration, serving as a therapeutic strategy to combat ageing-related disorders in humans[1]. However, it’s worth noting that this study had its limitations due to the lack of a control group and a small sample size.

Therefore, while this study significantly contributes to the understanding of NMN’s safety, it is merely the beginning of a series of planned clinical studies and independent tests on NMN.


What Lies Ahead: The Imperative for Further Studies and Tests on NMN

From the findings, it is clear that continued studies are required to reinforce these results, especially to confirm the safety of NMN when administered in repeated doses to humans.

The NMN clinical trial by EffePharm involving Uthever®, published in Frontiers in Ageing, corroborates NMN’s safety with a repeated dose in a placebo-controlled trial. With a more substantial sample size of 66 participants, the study provides more definitive evidence.


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