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  • NMN, Rising Potent Skincare Ingredient

    NMN, Rising Potent Skincare Ingredient

    NMN, short for β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide, has been scientifically proven to rapidly and effectively increase NAD+ levels in the body. The influence of NMN now spread to the skincare field by targeting multiple pathways and dimensions to maintain skin health.
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    Uthever®: Newly Certified Cosmetic Ingredient 2023

    In February 2023, the China National Medical Products Administration approved the application of Uthever® NMN as a cosmetic ingredient submitted by EffePharm.
    Uthever® NMN can now be officially used as a cosmetic ingredient and the finished product can be legally marketed and sold.

Enter the Uthever® Scientific Skincare Era

As a clinical-backed NMN brand, Uthever® Cosmetics’ scientifically validated skincare benefits include
  • 1.7 Times Stronger Anti-Wrinkle Effect

    1.7 Times Stronger Anti-Wrinkle Effect

    In a controlled experiment targeting wrinkles, using Uthever® NMN at a concentration of 0.625%, the increase in Type I collagen production was 70% higher compared to Vitamin C and Vitamin E. It effectively activates the repair of damaged cells, eliminates ageing cells, promotes the differentiation and regeneration of healthy cells, and creates youthful, firm, and rejuvenated skin.
  • Prevent Skin UVB Damage

    Prevent Skin UVB Damage

    Photodamage is a significant factor in skin aging, and by increasing intermediate filament-related proteins like FLG and IVL, the skin barrier can be fundamentally repaired. Research has found that NMN effectively enhances the levels of FLG and IVL in the skin, repairing the stratum corneum and countering photodamage caused by UVB exposure. This effect was further demonstrated in a study using orally administered Uthever® NMN in mice .
  • Whitening Effect

    Whitening Effect

    As age increases, the number of free radicals rises, leading to reduced skin vitality, loss of elasticity, formation of wrinkles, overall skin aging, dull complexion, and formation of pigmentation. The experimental results in the following figure demonstrate that Uthever® NMN can effectively eliminate free radicals in the skin, restore firm and elastic skin, improve pigmentation, and give the skin a more radiant glow.
  • Moisturizing Effect

    Moisturizing Effect

    AQP3 is one of the main indicators for measuring skin hydration. In experiments focused on skin moisturization, immunofluorescence is used to track the quantity of AQP3 (as indicated by IOD values in the image below). Uthever® NMN has been proven to increase the number of skin AQP3 at different concentrations, achieving deep hydration effects.

Establish Your Ideal Skincare Line with Uthever®'s Formulation Trio

Our high-potency formulas are enriched with pure actives, optimally penetrating the skin to correct signs of aging, protect healthy skin, and prevent future damage, resulting in lasting beauty.
  • Uthever®NMNACR11Complex™ β-Glow Whitening Collection Demo

    Containing ACR11 Complex™

    Uthever® NMN ACR11 Complex™

    Skincare Concerns: Dullness, loss of radiance, uneven skin tone, dark spots.

    Suitable Age Group: 18-25+

    Description: The ACR11 Complex™ repairs and revitalizes epidermal stem cells, enabling them to function like younger skin cells and banishing dullness at the cellular level. Combined with the dual efficacy of β-NMN+Niacinamide, the ACR11 Complex™ decodes skin’s luminosity and lets the skin regain a glow of radiance.
  • Uthever® NMN AG3 Complex™ AgeShields Reviving Collection Demo

    Containing AG3 Complex™

    Uthever® NMN AG3 Complex™

    Skincare Concerns: Serious lines and wrinkles, lifting, contouring, loss of firmness, tone, boosting natural collagen.

    Suitable Age Group: 28+

    Description: Three ultimate anti-ageing ingredients: Bosegen, β-NMN, and Icodone are meticulously blended in a golden ratio concentration. Our AG3 Complex™ achieves an optimal synergy that functions like Thermage®, promoting the direct generation of Type I Collagen and repairing superficial fibroblast cells. Experience firmness, refinement, and elasticity in your skin with a single touch of Uthever® AG3 Complex™.
  • Uthever® AST Complex™ Cellixir Age-Defying Collection Demo

    Containing AST Complex™

    Uthever® AST Complex™

    Skincare Concerns: Antioxidant protection, visible age prevention, loss of firmness, tone, wrinkles, and dryness.

    Suitable Age Group: 20-30+

    Description: The AST Complex™ is Uthever®’s patented formulation designed to prevent the first signs of aging.
    Step 1: Super antioxidant [Ergothioneine] eliminates free radicals, halting photoaging at its source.
    Step 2: [β-NMN] effectively clears aging cells, promoting DNA repair for a rejuvenated glow.
    Step 3: [Retinol] + [Saccharomyces Ferment Filtrate] stimulate collagen from the core, reshaping and revitalizing skin's elasticity.
    Restore. Regenerate. Revive. Enter the 360° all-powerful "AgeShields" era.

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