Uthever® Lipo:
Lab-validated NMN Delivery

Uthever® Lipo is the only liposomal NMN on the market that goes through laboratory tests to verify its efficacy claims.


What We Found

Compared to regular NMN, after 14 consecutive days, the NAD+ levels in mouse liver tissue were 1.74 times higher in the Uthever® Lipo experimental group than in the NMN group, and the NAD+ levels in mouse skeletal muscle were 5.95 times higher in the experimental group than in the NMN group.

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How Does Liposome Work?

Not All Liposomal NMN Created Equal

How to avoid fake liposomal NMN?

There’s recently been a rise in brands marketing liposomal products that are fraudulent. Though a microscope can accurately tell the difference, putting the liposomal NMN powder in water is the easiest way to check the authenticity.
  • True liposomal NMN

    True liposomal NMN: NMN encapsulated by liposomes

    When the outside liposome hydrophilic heads contact with water, the liposomal NMN will evenly spread and form a milky solution as the picture indicated.
  • Fake liposomal NMN mixture

    Fake liposomal NMN mixture: NMN mixes with liposomes and other unidentified substances

    When NMN mixes with liposomes instead of being encapsulated, the powder could not evenly distribute in the water. The liposomes and other unidentified substances would also stick on the container’s surface or form into clusters.

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