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Uthever® from EffePharm is a powerful NAD+ precursor that has been extensively researched in both human and animal scientific studies, with over 20 publications validating its efficacy. Some of the best studied areas are its use in anti-ageing, skin health, gut health, sports performance, pneumonia and rare diseases. The health benefits in these areas are observed in children and adults, under health conditions and various medical conditions.



Uthever® is the world’s first NMN brand to conduct large-scale clinical study.

In a 60-day clinical study, we tested Uthever® NMN on 66 participants and observed notable increases in NAD+ levels, walking endurance, and overall quality of life.*

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Uthever®: High-Quality Functional NAD+
Precursor Backed by Science​


The influence of Uthever® NMN extends far beyond its anti-ageing properties, as substantiated by eight scientific research studies. The below findings suggest that Uthever® NMN has the potential to offer significant benefits to consumers who experience various health issues, including but not limited to:

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Why Use Uthever® for Your Product

Because We are Green.

We are among the few NMN manufacturers on the market to achieve a full conversion rate and produce 100% β-NMN solely, which means no wasteful inert α-NMN to be thrown away, no solvent, and no hazardous impurities. Remember, only β-NMN Works.

Read more about Uthever® clinical study.
  • 100 %

    conversion rate across all Uthever® product lines

  • 99.99 %

    fully recyclable production residues


The Green Uthever® NMN Means You Can Build the Product Offering That Is

How Uthever® NMN Can Help Empower Your Consumers

  • Reinforced Anti-Aging
    Reinforced Anti-Aging
  • Beauty
  • Energy Boost
    Energy Boost
  • Sports Performance
    Sports Performance
  • Cardio Protection
    Cardio Protection
  • Neuro Protection
    Neuro Protection
  • Cognition Improvement
    Cognition Improvement
  • Weight Management
    Weight Management

Versatile Dosage Forms

  • G1

    Low Density
    0.18-0.2 g/ml
    Powder Formulation

  • G2

    High Density
    0.3 – 0.5 g/ml
    Capsules and Tablets Formulation

  • G3

    Ultra-High Density
    0.6-0.8 g/ml
    Bigger Dosage
    Capsules or Tablets Formulation



Huang, H. (2022). A multicentre, randomised, double blind, parallel design, placebo controlled study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of uthever (NMN supplement), an orally administered supplementation in middle aged and older adults. Frontiers in Aging, 3.