On July 9th, Dr. Liu from Effepharm delivered a speech entitled “UTHEVER®, NMN’s Modified Advanced Technology by Effepharm” at HFIC(Healthy China 2021 Nutrition and Health Food Conference), telling the advanced R&D concept of Effepharm’s NMN – QbD (Quality by Design).

As the first Chinese company to conduct clinical research on NMN, Effepharm has been making unremitting efforts in the NMN project and constantly demonstrates the safety and effectiveness of NMN with scientific technology. Since June 2017, the International Conference on Harmonization of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use (ICH) has required the use of the QbD concept. In 2018, CFDA claimed that biomedical products that do not conform to the QBD development concept will not be approved by CFDA for marketing. We can see that only drug products under the guidance of QbD can achieve quality control, Effepharm is to use this concept to ensure the quality control of product batches.

Under this R&D concept, Effepharm has developed a strict quality management system, considering the product design and development, production process route selection, and determination from the beginning of the research and development stage. As the first and only one brand of NMN raw material, UTHEVER ® always follow science, to bring safer and more effective supply chain support to partners around the world, to achieve a harmonious and ecological future.