Time: 2020-11

2020 Nutrition Health Entrepreneur Conference (NHEC) was hosted in Bejing International Conference center on Nov.22nd, 2020.

With the theme of “Embracing the Future of change and Win-win,” this annual conference brings together leaders from national ministries and commissions, authoritative experts in the nutrition and health industry, and top entrepreneurs from the global-wide health industry. It provides “decision-making” and “connection” support for developing China’s future nutrition industry through forward-looking and systematic industrial information exchange.

Since professor David Sinclair and other international scientists confirmed that NMN is available to make 22 months mice body back to 6 months (the equivalent of human from 60 to 20 years younger), NMN has aroused attention from Different industries. And the triggered marketing potential makes the quality of NMN raw material uneven.

And in this context, Effepharm stands out and use the standard of pharmaceutical R&D and USP guidance to provide more reliable, more affordable, healthy ingredients for worldwide clients. Uthever® is also the only NMN manufacture which conducted clinical trials so far.

The brand NMN raw material UTHEVER® launched by Effepharm has successfully improved the original NMN extraction process and significantly improved the quality of NMN material’s density and stability.

Therefore, among the many declared products, UTHEVER® stood out and won the top 10 hot raw materials in the nutrition and health industry after the comprehensive evaluation of the project potential, project frontier, scientific and technological content, etc.

Hank Hwang, the pharmaceutical regulatory director and former USP scientist of Effepharm, said the reward represents that the industry has recognized Effpharm’s exploration and efforts in the field of NMN. Effepharm has long cooperated with top universities and research institutes and carried out more projects on NMN’s application in medicine, such as cancer adjuvant drugs and other disease treatment projects.
Simultaneously, with the help of IDS®, the company’s self-developed ingredient delivery system platform, Effepharm is also at the forefront of other dietary supplement research.

Hank also said that the overall development of the health industry is a process of cooperation and cooperation. In the future, Effepharm will keep cooperating with more companies in the industry about the development and production of products with more market potential that people need to contribute to the development of the whole business.