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Uthever® Database Precise Products For Your Clientele

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NMN Consumer Product Formats


Crafting Excellence: Uthever® NMN Innovations

In our quest to provide quality NMN, Uthever® has made significant advancements in the production of this essential molecule. Our commitment to excellence has led to several key improvements:

● Enhanced Stability: Through rigorous testing, a more stable NMN molecule was developed, extending shelf life and ensuring consistent dosages.
● Purity Assurance: Authenticity and high purity are confirmed via testing, guaranteeing quality.
● Safety and Efficiency: Extensive clinical trials confirm safety, while animal tests show no acute toxicity.
● Temperature Tolerance, Bioavailability, and Sustained Release: Uthever® NMN is less sensitive to temperature and can be stored at room temperature.
● Improved Bioavailability: We have utilized contemporary pharmaceutical techniques to create controlled-release and sustained-release forms of NMN.
● High Purity: Uthever® NMN boasts purity levels above 99%, with minimal impurities.
● These enhancements make Uthever® NMN a top-quality anti-ageing supplement.

Uthever® NMN: Setting the Gold Standard in Quality and Purity

Uthever® is dedicated to producing the highest quality NMN through a meticulous and controlled manufacturing process. Beginning with food-grade Nicotinamide Riboside (NR), we employ advanced biosynthetic techniques to cultivate NMN on an industrial scale while preserving its purity and activity. Our unique focus on enzyme activity and purity during synthesis ensures consistent, top-tier NMN production.

Rigorous extraction, separation, and purification processes follow, ensuring the highest level of purity. Thorough testing, including checks for content, microorganisms, and heavy metals, guarantees safety and efficacy. Uthever® is committed to maintaining these exacting standards, providing a promise of quality, reliability, and integrity in every batch of NMN we produce.

Sources of NMN

Beta-Nicotinamide mononucleotide (β-NMN or Beta-NMN) is sourced from raw materials such as animal and plant extraction, microbial fermentation and chemical synthesis. However, NMN derived from animal and plant sources contain relatively low NMN levels, making it impractical for effective production.

The choice between synthetic and natural sources depends on factors such as yield, cost, and scalability. Chemical synthesis offers advantages like large-scale production, cost-effectiveness, and precise control over purity and quality.

It’s important to note that regardless of the source, NMN maintains a consistent molecular structure. The final products, whether obtained from natural or synthetic sources, undergo comprehensive testing to ensure purity, content, absence of microorganisms and heavy metals, and overall safety.

For a deeper understanding of the intricate processes involved in producing high-quality NMN, delve into the details of how NMN is manufactured.

Harness the Power of NMN Innovations

Innovation extends beyond sourcing high-quality NMN; it also involves transforming them into diverse formats and applications to cater to the unique needs of global customers. Explore a wide range of wholesale NMN formats, from powders and tablets to capsules, effervescent tablets, liquids, creams, and gummies.

Our team is here to support your creative journey, helping you design innovative and superior products that set your brand apart in the market.

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